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Xiaomi Community — a local community site dedicated to everything Xiaomi. Now you are too a part of a one big and growing Mi-family!

We promise that you will never get bored around here. Xiaomi Global Community is a place where fans of the brand can find latest rumors, timely news, helpful how-tos, full device descriptions and photos, honest reviews etc. Our aim is to inspire you by showing how drastically our life can change via Xiaomi technologies.

Mi Community it`s the fan clubs from all around the world!

Be in touch with the technology world! Read reviews, compare the latest products, find advice on MIUI and how to use your smartphone like a pro!

We know that some of you have also been spending time on MIUI Global and we appreciate that!

MIUI Global actively helps smart device and other gadgets enthusiasts to get acquainted with Xiaomi products and get support for MIUI software.

Users who already own many various devices will receive MIUI updates, applications and other useful software, adapted instruction and much more through our project.

Xiaomi Global Community web page is a lively and friendly Mi Fans’ gathering spot to have real, unfiltered conversations just about anything. Join the Global Community forum if you need help using Xiaomi products or have interesting user tips. Find custom ROMs and saving software solutions to enhance the already existing beauty of your Xiaomi device.

Have fun!


Xiaomi was founded in 2010 by the entrepreneur Lei Jun, who believed that high-quality technology did not need to cost a fortune. Today the company creates remarkable hardware, software, and internet services for and with the help of Mi fans. Its product range includes Mi Max 2, Mi 5, Mi Note 2, Mi MIX, Redmi 4A, Mi TV, Mi Band 2, Mi Smart Home gadgets and other accessories. With more than around 100 million handsets sold in 2016 and products launched in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, India, Indonesia and Brazil, Xiaomi is expanding its footprint across the world with a goal to become a global brand.


“Just for fans” — that is what Xiaomi believes in. Loyal Mi fans lead every step of the way. In fact, many Xiaomi employees were first Mi fans before joining the team. As a team, they share the same relentless pursuit of perfection, constantly refining and enhancing the products to create the best user experience possible. It is about fearlessness in testing new ideas and pushing your own boundaries. The dedication and belief in innovation, together with the support of Mi fans, are the driving forces behind the unique Mi products.

Although the community has Xiaomi name on its door, it is completely led by Mi Fans. The idea was to create a space that Mi Fans would also call home, where they could feel comfortable, meet new friends, post reviews and simply have fun!


Lei Jun, a billionaire and co-founder of the company, to date, the incumbent CEO, Jobs called the Chinese. He owns more than 30% of the shares Xiaomi Tech.

To reduce operating costs the company touts its products through microblogging, social networking and meeting with like-minded stakeholders. As of 2016, the company has opened more than 1000 “offline” shops in major cities around the world, where you can buy its products.

Xiaomi easily sells more phones than any other Chinese smartphone brand. When the sales for its smartphones start online, they can be sold in a matter of minutes. Although China and India are for now is the most important sales markets for the company, with more than 2 million fans downloading up to 5 million applications from the company’s online store, Lei Jun sees even bigger future for Xiaomi and sets sight on world domination.

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