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Xiaomi Mi Piston V3 In-Ear Headphones Black

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Headphones Xiaomi Huosai Piston v3 Black - modern headphones with a stylish design, high-quality sound and the anatomical structure. Easy to use, no tangles do not fall. Long wire gives leeway. Good sound is transmitted to your favorite songs, with very realistic and glubikim bass, thanks to new technologies and membrane sborkin Headphones. The absence of the bow makes the headphones comfortable for long listening to music.

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dashrat 21 Jul 2015

Headphones Xiaomi Huosai Piston v3 received the "Oscar" in the world of industrial design - 2015 Red Dot Award.

Many well-known brands such as BMW, Sony, Apple, Siemens and Adidas have received this wonderful award.

New and improved audio hi-fi and dpi

Membranes are a key element that affects the sound quality headphones. Mi Huosai Piston v.3 uses metal membranes for even more expressive sound is a unique innovation, all the elements inside the headphones are placed on the type of "sandwich", which improves sound quality deep bass: two outer layers of PET material was used, placed in the middle of the metal layer.

XIAOMI Piston Earphones

Noise reduction system of the third generation:
Built-in noise reduction system allows you to hear surround and natural sound. Tri-band sound balanced and create a sense of reality. This innovation creates a number of conditions under which a complex system of metal membrane allows the speakers to work more naturally and efficiently.

XIAOMI Piston Earphones

The innovative structure of the "spiral" of sound

On the back side of the headphones used spiral tubular structure with an opening which produces a low tone. Thus, compared to the traditional design, channel dynamics sound becomes much longer. As a result, the sound is amplified, low tones acquire breadth of the sound. As a result, we enjoy three-dimensional sound of the bass.

Wear-resistant magnet n48                  
Wear-resistant magnet is an important part of the voice coil headphones, n48 is a magnet of high resistant material.

XIAOMI Piston Earphones

Noise-canceling material
Precision temperament tissue opening from the outside of the same size that provides unmatched homogeneity and stability of the sound.
American Knowles microphone
For Mi Huosai Piston v3 we used MEMS microphone, even smaller, but with high stability, with better sound quality and a clear voice transmission. In addition, they are fully compatible with Mi phones supporting the new version of iPhone, iPod and some other iOS system.

XIAOMI Piston Earphones

Kevlar braid for cable
In order to give the headphone cable is greater flexibility and make it more durable and resilient, we used a bulletproof Kevlar that at times increases the wear resistance of the headphone cable. Simultaneously, in order to solve the perennial problem of entanglement of the cable, we used a woven material for the braid of the cable. This technique prevents tangling and, on the contrary, it betrays elasticity.

XIAOMI Piston Earphones

The comfortable in-ear headphones that are easy to put on and take off

Our main task was the comfort of our in-ear headphones. That is why we relied on numerous medical data, and tested them in real conditions of our many employees. Thus, we get the average, but the more accurate the data size of a typical human hearing system. They are easy to put on and when they do not drop out and do not cause a feeling of fatigue.
In-ear headphones connected to the main part of a slope, so they are very easy to put on and when they do not fall out.
Used sloping design, which allows us to enjoy a more pleasant sound.

XIAOMI Piston Earphones

More than 800 different kinds of reliability tests

In addition to the beautiful sound quality and elegant design, the quality of the headphones is the most important. As a result of severe tests, without omissions of any parts testing wear buttons, we can talk about our performance exceeded the standards OCT 3 times. Excellent sound effects, high-precision technology, serious quality control - all this allows you to use the headphones Mi Huosai Piston v.3, forgetting about any disturbances.




Manufacturer Xiaomi
Frequency range, Hz 20-20000
Resistance, Ohm 32
Maximum input power, mW 5 mW
Sensitivity, dB: 98
Cable length, m 1.1
Connector Type mini Jack 3.5 mm
Weight, g 14

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Customers reviews
21 Jul 2015
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